The majority of the crushing-screening plants manufactured by NACE are monitored and controlled from a single cabinet by means of PLC + Computer. The equipments used are the most advanced products in the world, such as TELEMECANIQUE and ABB. It is possible to control the product to be received by a vehicle by means of a BARCODE application. Thanks to the control system having an extremely simple design which is plain enough that every electrician can understand, you can immediately response potential electrical faults in your plant. Your plant can operate both manually and automatically by means of a computer system with full capacity and efficiency. 

The program will be designed according to the project and operating scenarios will be programmed according to the plant. The exact layout of the plant will be displayed on the animation screen, where all indications such as Malfunction signals, Operating signals, Crusher currents will be monitored. It can be run on any computer regardless of the Windows operating system. (Copy, Paste, Run) It can be run through a Program Flash Disk or an External Disk. In case of a potential Computer malfunctions, you can continue your work by copying the Program to any computer. This feature is not available on any other Crushing-Screening Plant program. Computer-PLC communication is provided through Ethernet protocol (100mb/s). It is possible to monitor and report the system through Internet or a local network. (Optional) All records shall be kept in Computer for at least 2 years. These records can be reported within any time interval. These reports can be printed, or concerted into Excel of PDF formats. In addition to Standard Report formats, some others will be arranged in accordance with the Customer requests. Program logins are done through User passwords. Authorizations of users can be limited by the Authorized user.


Sequential Start :

In order to avoid sudden loads on transformers or power generators, the crushers within the plant activate in order according to their engine powers. Then, the plant starts to operate from the end towards the beginning according to parametric times.

Sequential Stop :

When the stop operation is applied, first of all the feeders are stopped and then the belts, screens and crushers are stopped in reverse order of operating and according to time parameters as well. Crushers are stopped at the moment when the value of ampere exploited in idle position is reached.

Interlocked Operation :

The functioning of an engine depends on the engine operating in front. An engine stopped due to any reason stops the other engines associated with it. Crushers are stopped for only their own malfunctions (over current, lubricant pressure, etc.). Thus, stoppage of crushers due to minor malfunctions is avoided. The stopped engines are re-started when the malfunction is eliminated and the plant resumes operation.

Current Control in Crushers :

Crusher currents are monitored on a continuous basis, so that the feeders are intervened according to the current to avoid crusher overstrain, thus the plant operates constantly at full capacity.

Crushers Maintenance Times :

The maintenance time parameters are entered to crushers. The Operator is warned when the crusher operating time reaches to maintenance time.


Operation of the plant, malfunctions in the plant, crusher current values, feeder speeds, belt weighbridge values, and crusher operation times can be monitored.

Malfunction Controls :

Controls related to “thermal broken”, “corded switch for belts”, “belt slipped”, and “belt broken” for all engines as well as controls related to current, lubrication and hydraulic unit are performed.

Belt Weighbridge:

Tonnages passing through the belt weighbridges within the facility are displayed instantaneously, they are recorded and reported at any time interval.

Malfunction Records :

Malfunction occurrences are displayed on the malfunction screen. For example, “Discharge Belt of Tertiary Crusher has slipped.” The records of these malfunctions are kept. Moreover, the records of warnings such as “Conical Crusher High Current” or “Primary Crusher is working idle for 30 minutes” are kept and reported at any time interval.