NACE Mobile Primary Crushing Units provide the advantage of easy transportation, installation and disassembling which results in lower cost. Primary, secondary and tertiary crushing units can also be installed on semi-trailers.

Features and Benefits:

·       High reliability

·       Easy handling

·       Easy assembly

·       Easy disassembly

A.75                –              Semi Mobile 130-jaw crusher group

A.65                –              Semi Mobile Primary Impact Crusher group

A.36                –              Semi mobile 110-jaw crusher group

A.38                –              Semi mobile 90-jaw crusher group

A.08                –              Semi mobile 60-jaw crusher group


A.60                A.60-IE   Semi-mobile 110-secondary jaw crusher group. (with or without front screen)

A.61                A.61-IE   Semi-mobile 90-secondary jaw crusher group. (with or without front screen)

A.64                A.64-IE   Semi-mobile secondary impact crusher K38 group. (with or without front screen)

A.63                A.63-IE   Semi-mobile secondary impact crusher K37 group. (with or without front screen)

A.66                A.66-IE   Semi-mobile secondary impact crusher K40 group.

A.70                 –            Semi-mobile Roll crusher K24 group.

A.71                  –            Semi-mobile secondary jaw crusher K04 group.

A.72                 –            Semi-mobile secondary jaw K04 and roll crusher K24 group.

A.74                A.74-IE   Semi-mobile secondary impact crusher dmk02 group. (with or without front screen)

A.76                A.76-IE   Semi-mobile secondary impact crusher dmk01 group. (with or without front screen)

A.77                A.77-IE   Semi-mobile secondary impact crusher dmk03 group. (with or without front screen)


A.69             –               Semi-mobile tertiary impact crusher TK15 group.

A.78             –               Semi-mobile tertiary impact crusher TK16 group.

MTK-1105      –               Semi-mobile tertiary impact crusher TK11-05 group.    

MTK-1110      –               Semi-mobile tertiary impact crusher TK11-10 group.

MTK-1115      –               Semi-mobile tertiary impact crusher TK11-15 group