Company Profile

NACE, a leading company in mining, construction, and manufacturing industrial plants and machinery, has begun operations in 1952.

NACE operates within a conglomerate, where manufacturing operations are conducted through NACE Machinery Industries Inc. and marketing & sales and overseas agency services through NACE Marketing and Trade Inc.

The standard manufacturing schedule of NACE involves machinery and plants related to industries of construction, roads, and mining.

There are hundreds of types of machine, the designs of which provided by NACE, in NACE’s manufacturing schedule; these types are listed in the following:

– Full (Fixed and Portable) Crushing – Screening – Washing – Storage Plants

– All Forms of Material Handling and Storage Plants

– Underground and surface bulk material conveyors

– Special conveyors for assembly lines

– Full modern Concrete Production Plants (Electronic Computerized).

– Special Weighing and Dosing Plants

Furthermore, construction of production plants, either full or partially turnkey, including engineering services for various industrial sectors is included in our contracting scope. Manufacturing machines conforming contemporary technological developments and having TSE and ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Certification, the company has a dynamic, experienced, and specialized technical staff as well as a broad machine park.

In addition to qualified products, after-sales services and constant spare-part services contribute significantly to the trust earned by NACE until today. Beside our domestic sales, about 400 plants have been exported to many countries in the Middle East, Northern Africa, Russia, Turkic Republics and Europe as a result of intensive exportation operations.

NACE has a specialized and expert technical staff as well as knowledge capable of solving any problem you may encounter with regard to production. This staff is ready to help you with surveying, project design, production and commissioning based on state-of-the-art technological innovations.


To work always harder to increase values of our customers’ investments and to remain a fundemantal supplier in the construction business with our 66 year old custom of  “high quality products and services” .



To become the very first brand that customers vision for high quality crushing and screening plants and concrete batching plants both in Turkey and in global markets.

The company is Turkey’s leading company in its fields of manufacture. Our main objective as the management is to maintain this leadership by all means as well as to surpass our domestic competitors and the foreign companies having market share in our country by means of the advantages of the customs union in terms of quality so as to raise our market share both domestic and overseas.

Therefore, our company has been structured on a basis of unlimited customer satisfaction in order to design, manufacture, and provide necessary services for high-quality machines by means of using the resources in the most efficient manner. Employees at all levels of our company are responsible for the following to achieve our objectives:

– improving quality at all levels of manufacture,

– using resources efficiently,

– ensuring the continuity of quality,

– fulfilling the requirements of the quality assurance system.


Human Resources Policy


The goal of NACE is to recruit qualified labor force in line with our vision and mission; and to get maximum efficiency from the employees by means of motivation in a peaceful and coherent working environment with the NACE family.

Occupational Health and Safety has always had the first priority throughout the history of NACE; and it will continue in this way in the future.


Employee Satisfaction


The fact that satisfied employees can take our company much more forward has been adopted by all executives of NACE throughout 59-year history of us; and it will continue in this way in the future.

An “Employee Satisfaction Questionnaire” is applied to all employees once for every year in addition to “Employee Satisfaction Interviews” with each employee.


Training and Development


NACE has always been a school with a deep-rooted history for newly graduated and young employees.  Accordingly, NACE provides an intense support to its existing employees for promotions and reassignments.

Employees are provided with on-the-job training support from their superiors and experienced co-workers.

“Personal Development Training Programs” intended to NACE employees are determined based on “Questionnaires and Interviews for Assessing Training Needs”.


Wages and Benefits


NACE employees are paid “net wage”.

NACE employees are provided with Health Insurance and all social benefits.

Meals of lunch are supplied from HACCP- Certified catering firms.

All our employees are provided with leave benefits in accordance with their legal rights.

Personnel shuttle services are available to all employees.

You can send your CV to for general job application.

The occupational health and safety policy of NACE Machinery Industries, Inc. is based on the respect to people and to the environment they live in and on realization of this objective by means of zero-accident policies. The company has managed to make Occupational Health and Safety the first priority among its all operations by means of investments and efforts.


Therefore, we undertake the following within the scope of our OHS policy:


– fulfill all legal and other obligations related to occupational health and safety;

– in order to assure the health and safety of employees, suppliers, and visitors, take all necessary measures in line with the OHS legislation and the other requirements related to OHS, keep necessary instruments and Personal Protective Equipments available, and make them used when necessary;

– measure the performance of the OHS management system, do the necessary work to increase the performance;

– predetermine and eliminate unsafe situations and actions which may lead to occupational accidents or occupational diseases within the Workplace or the attachments thereof as well as potential accident risks by means of an OHS expert performing risk assessments;

– provide the safety and social welfare of employees at all levels, visitors, and sub-contractors; reduce potential the financial and emotional damage to them and to their families;

– train our employees in the field of occupational health and safety; and make them achieve a good occupational health and safety consciousness;

– make the sub-contractors and visitors carrying on business within the workplace obey and participate in the rules related to occupational health and safety imposed by NACE Machinery Industries, Inc.;

– maintain the continuity of our OHS Management System which has been built and is being run in this direction.


NACE Machine is aware of its responsibility to the environment and turns this into an element of its corporate culture, therefore the environmental policy of the company is to reduce the amount of waste in the first place by means of effective use of natural resources, to use scarce resources most effectively, and to respect the relevant environmental legislation as well as legal and administrative regulations.


Therefore, we undertake the following within the scope of our Environmental policy:


– build an Environmental Management System in our company, and improve it on a continuous basis;

– raise awareness of environmental pollution reduction and environmental protection among our employees and train them accordingly;

– collect, handle, and recover/dispose of hazardous wastes in line with environmental legislations;

– provide savings in consumption of natural resources;

– make any investment required to make working environments non-hazardous to the environment.